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Electrical & Mechanical Technicians

Category: Maintenance
Salary Per Hour: $18.00
Schedule Type: Full-Time
REQUIREMENTS: Must have Flexible Schedule. Valid Driver License is required. Must pass criminal background, drug screening, training and pass onsite technical skills assessment.

The Work of the Electrical & Mechanic Technician Classification Includes the Following:
Troubleshooting, disassembly, checking and cleaning, repairing, replacing, testing, adjusting, assembling, installing, servicing, fabricating and inspecting. Required to maintain any fixed pedestal and apron drive.  Aircraft Passenger Loading Bridges, Baggage Transport Systems, Aircraft Ground Power Generators, HVAC systems, Aircraft Ground Portable Water Units’ related equipment and all their components. May be assigned to order, receive, inventory, secure or disburse parts and supplies on or off airport facilities. Certifies for quality of own workmanship. May have other Mechanic personnel assigned to assist him or her in completing an assignment.
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