The Issuing Officer Is Critical to the Overall Security of Our Airports

The IO's have pain points and the Senior PANY/NJ Security Officer wants to know about them

Christopher Kaddo, Senior Security Coordinator from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, invited JFK Issuing Officers (IO) to a meeting where he outlined some issues that the ID office is having and solicited feedback from the group about how to make the overall process better.

There have been many processes put in place over the last year that have streamlined ID Office transactions. They have hired more staff, extended hours, offered walk in hours for fingerprints, placed forms online, implemented Rap Back (will ultimately eliminate re-submission of fingerprints), revised forms to work more efficiently and more.
One of the main issues the ID office reports is missed appointments for fingerprint and training. There is a 25% no show rate at the ID office for confirmed appointments. That causes delays for all the rest of the transactions to follow.

Coming up over the next year or so will be Computer Based Training, online scheduling of training, and IDMS (ID Management & Credentialing System). IDMS will be 100% paperless and allow IO’s to do over 500 transactions through a secure web portal.
All of these initiatives are in place or going to be in place to help reduce the number of visits to the ID office and turn around the application and renewal of badges quicker.
While many of the Issuing Officers had positive feedback for Mr. Kaddo about their recent experiences at the ID office since many of these initiatives have been implemented, there were still people that had concerns.

Mr. Kaddo was very attentive and assured the IO’s that their concerns around customer service, wait time, turnaround time, process efficiency, consistent messaging and information would be addressed.

The overall sentiment from the group was that they were happy to have been asked to participate in creative problem solving with the ID office. Any enhancements to make this critical function of our airport security as pain-free as possible is welcome.
For more information on the ID application\renewal\disposition process, visit:

To reach Mr. Kaddo or the ID office, you can email: ■


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