Oxford Airport Technical Services

Oxford Airport Technical Services

Oxford is a ground support equipment maintenance and repair company specializing in Passenger Boarding Bridges, Conveyor Systems, Cargo and Meterial Handling Systems, 400 Hz Ground Power Units, Pre-Conditioned Air Systems and Ground Support Equipment Vehicles.
With a quarter century of experience in the industry, Oxford offers a wide range of services which include Preventative Maintenance Programs, Corrective Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Installation, Relocation and Removal, Fixed Price Contracts, and the Design and Manufacture of Electrical/Electronic Control Panels. Oxford also maintains a large inventory of spare parts and offers our customers performance analysis reports which track cost savings and equipment performance.
In addressing the requirements of our customers' operation, our FIRST PRIORITY IS THE PUNCTUAL ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE SCHEDULE OF THE AIRLINE. Secondly, and in conjuntion with our top priority, is our ability to maintain the customer's operating system in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Oxford Airport Technical Services

474 Meacham Avenue

Elmont, New York 11003

Toll-Free: 1-800-OXFORD-8

Tel: (516) 326-6262

Fax: (516) 775-2552

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Oxford ATS is an Equal Opportunity Employer/AAP.