Author: Kathryn B. Creedy

Kathryn B. Creedy is a veteran aviation journalist and author who has covered almost every facet of commercial and business aviation. Her work has included representing Embraer Executive Jets, the Federal Aviation Administration’s aviation regulatory division as well as its communications, satellites and navigation division. She became a spokesperson for ATR, a regional aircraft manufacturer during the 1994 industry safety crisis as a consultant for the public relations firm set up by former White House spokespeople Jody Powell and Sheila Tate. She began her aviation work focusing on regional airlines in the immediate post-deregulation period. She founded a weekly newsletter Commuter/Regional Airline News in 1982 building it to become the bible of the industry. She also co-founded its sister publication, London-based C/R News International in 1987 with Alison Chambers which covered the European market. Kathryn has maintained her interest in the regional airline industry throughout her career. Kathryn has written for Forbes Online and is the author of Time Flies – The History of SkyWest Airlines in which she chronicled the post-deregulation history of the US regional airline industry. It remains the only book to have used an airline as a case study to represent the broader regional airline industry after deregulation.

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester) drafted a proposed piece of legislation to lift the cap on aviation fuel taxes paid by airlines serving Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) and divert the additional revenues to fund the PATH rail extension to the airport. The legislation thus eliminates the tax break afforded airlines that limits taxation to only the fuel used for takeoffs and landings. The draft bill, which provides no estimate as to the amount of revenues possible under the new tax scheme, cites a need for at least $700 million in grants and other funding to supplement the $1…

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