Author: Mike Lentes

First as a Civil Air Patrol cadet – then as a pilot – Mike found that “altitude affects attitude.” With that in mind, his focus now is to interest the next generation in aviation and is founding a weekend av camp in northern Arizona for kids – Little Brothers. He is also active in his aviation business and spends time writing about its history when not hiking in the mountains.

The year is 1911 and most Americans are concerned about the high cost of living. The price of bread has risen to 4 cents a loaf – a quart of milk is now 8 cents – and if you have to grab lunch away from home, a hot beef sandwich costs 10 cents. The average annual income stands at $983 and the average work week is six 12-hour days! If you can afford one, a new car sets you back $750 – but you can say “fill ‘er up” with gas at 5 cents a gallon. And there is a flurry…

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