Author: Jim Spitzer

Considering the above editorial factors allowing a seasoned local 35 year old uniform manufacturer and supplier with the expertise such as Uniforms Today LLC to be your partner in the continued growth of your brand is what we do and here to partner with you in the continued success of your business.

Uniforms Today at JFK Airport

For years, uniforms have been worn by employees in every industry primarily focused on functionality. While functionality plays an integral role in today’s market brand recognition, cost and safety in conjunction with functionality have become beacons for many companies. Maintaining a professional look, comfort, safety and security are also important factors to be considered. Today’s business climate requires the above mentioned attributes for uniforms to fulfill the various needs. The types of fabric (moisture management properties, UV rated properties, FR properties and anti-microbial) along color, durability, and cost can affect the overall type of uniforms worn. Having a comfortable, consistent, professional look based on job responsibility can allow employees to embrace…

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