Choosing the Right Uniform for the Right Job

Choosing a uniform today means much more than deciding just what colors look best.

Uniforms Today at JFK Airport

For years, uniforms have been worn by employees in every industry primarily focused on functionality. While functionality plays an integral role in today’s market brand recognition, cost and safety in conjunction with functionality have become beacons for many companies. Maintaining a professional look, comfort, safety and security are also important factors to be considered. 

Today’s business climate requires the above mentioned attributes for uniforms to fulfill the various needs. The types of fabric (moisture management properties, UV rated properties, FR properties and anti-microbial) along color, durability, and cost can affect the overall type of uniforms worn. Having a comfortable, consistent, professional look based on job responsibility can allow employees to embrace the companies brand and lead to greater productivity.

Having a focus group and input from seasoned employees on types of uniforms can influence the entire employee base on how they approach their work responsibilities. The employees being inclusive of type of uniforms worn canallow them to take ownership by being part of the process and proud to wear the company brand. The scale and type of uniforms varies by industry and job function.

The fact is uniforms offer numerous advantages for both the company and employee. For example below the wing job functions that require outerwear for cold weather climates should be versatile that offer layering, waterproof sealed seams, hi visibility, with options for equipment accessibility. The bottoms worn should be durable, color fast and offer comfort. Various shirts (polos, tee shirts, sweatshirts etc.) offer a variety of functionality that can offer UV ratings, moisture management, antimicrobial or FR products for safety.

Above the wing products such as suiting may offer a professional look with products that don’t require dry cleaning and are washable for cost savings, wrinkle free and low maintenance shirts as well as slip resistant footwear.

Aviation Security products and equipment can offer safety functions such as and including body cameras and radios for guards, safety gloves and safety headwear. Aviation Security has become an integral factor for aviation industry companies. With the entire world experiencing the unwanted pandemic ,Janitorial and Maintenance products have become a large factor in airports and the conscious efforts to keep covid 19 virus at bay.


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