Author: Kristina Brown

Kristina Brown is a 2010 graduate of Misericordia University where she achieved her Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Communications.  She currently serves as E-Business Ninja at Road Scholar Transport, a local trucking company headquartered in Dunmore, PA, for the past 10 years.

Besides the normal testing done randomly or at the scene of an accident, regulators are looking at new technology.

Professional truck drivers continue to see their world transformed by technology, and many of the changes have received less than an enthusiastic reception from those road warriors. From electronic logging devices to dash cams to self-driving vehicles, the past decade has introduced a rate of change that is often unsettling to the industry.  Hair Drug Testing: Controversial but Coming One of the most controversial changes gaining momentum is that of testing hair samples for the presence of illicit drugs. The coalition Truck Alliance, representing many of the nation’s largest trucking and transportation companies, is clear in its stance. The group…

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