Author: Lidia Henderson

Lidia is the Program & Communications Manager at Empire Clean Cities. She recently completed a M.Sc. in City and Regional Planning from the Pratt Institute. Previously, Lidia was the Electric Vehicle Projects Coordinator at Blue Planet Foundation in Hawai'i and participated in the local Clean Cities Coalition, known as the Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawai'i (STCH). She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies (Policy) and Spanish from Colby College.​​

Manhattan Beer CNG Tractor

The New York City Clean Trucks Program (NYC Clean Trucks Program) is a rebate incentive funding program to reduce diesel exhaust emissions by replacing older, heavy polluting diesel trucks with new battery electric, or EPA emission-compliant alternative fuel (compressed natural gas, diesel-electric hybrid, and plug-in hybrid electric) and diesel trucks. The NYC Clean Trucks Program is a unique environmental initiative offered by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) to promote sustainable transportation and a cleaner environment in NYC. The program incentivizes local commercial fleets to transition away from diesel trucks by offering rebate incentive funding.  Truck owners…

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