Author: Nancy N. Young

Nancy N. Young is the Vice President of Environmental Affairs at Airlines for America (A4A) (formerly the Air Transport Association of America, Inc.) In this capacity, Ms. Young directs A4A’s environmental programs, represents the A4A airlines in international negotiations over new aircraft noise and emission standards and provides counsel to A4A and its members on other environmental issues of significance to the air transportation industry.

he U.S. Airline Industry: A Green Economic Engine

As members of Congress look for meaningful ways to address climate change, they might want to look to the skies above — not for divine intervention but for environmentally friendly innovation. Contrary to what some would have you believe; U.S. airlines are a green economic engine that continues to drive meaningful climate solutions. Although we drive more than 10 million U.S. jobs, $1.5 trillion in economic activity and 5% of the nation’s GDP, U.S. airlines account for only 2% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Even as air traffic has increased, U.S. airlines have successfully controlled our carbon footprint, carrying…

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