Deadline Is Quickly Approaching for 100% Cargo Screening for Explosives

Lufthansa Sniffer Dog

The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has put forward standards to begin on June 30, 2021, ensuring all cargo transported in commercial aircraft be screened for explosives. The two options are cargo must be (1) screened to a level intended to identify and/or detect the presence of concealed explosive devices or (2) under appropriate security controls throughout the cargo supply chain to prevent the introduction of concealed explosive devices.

Many in the industry are relying on K9 teams to handle the screening. Often times cargo is too large to fit through screening machines or is already palletized and breaking down would add costs and cause delays. 

In the United Sates, stakeholders are awaiting final guidance from the TSA regarding possible exemptions for e-commerce retailers and other large business if their facilities provide equivalent security. 

While there could be a shortage of K9 Teams available, the security industry has been ramping up their dogs and handlers since 2018 when the Third-Party Canine Cargo Program (3PK9) was established by the TSA. Since 2010, Congress has mandated all cargo transported on passenger aircraft needed to be screened. This new policy expands the program to include cargo aircraft and involves all countries.


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