Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport – one of the world’s most active air terminals with a rich history of supporting artists featured within its walls – unveiled its latest commissioned artwork inspired by traditional and contemporary design elements, which shows illustrations of New York City’s five boroughs, immersing travelers in the spirit and authenticity of the City.

Hand-drawn by British-based artist Chris Dent, the four-month-long project is now displayed throughout Terminal 4’s corridors for travelers to enjoy. The artwork consists of 14 illustrations of iconic New York City locations such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, along with18 smaller illustrations displaying NYC staples like subway trains, taxis, slices of pizza and coffee cups.

“We are excited to welcome our newest piece of commissioned artwork to the terminal,” said Gert-Jan de Graaff, President and CEO of JFKIAT, the company which operates Terminal 4. “Terminal 4 strives to provide its more than 21 million annual passengers with a sense of place and a stress-free travel experience. Chris Dent’s art prominently showcases New York City and we hope it leaves a lasting impression with travelers.”

“It has been an honor to create artwork for T4’s exciting rebrand, and I hope it captures the imagination of all Terminal 4’s travelers and visitors across the world,” said Dent. “New York City’s fascinating views left an unforgettable impression on me since my first visit as a teenager, and following that time, New York and its cityscapes have served as the focus of my artwork. The T4 project is my most comprehensive illustration of the City to date, and due to the sheer scale of the project, my already detailed style was multiplied ten-fold and my hand-drawn process pushed to its limit – an incredibly exciting and inspiring experience that every artist hopes to achieve.”

The artwork was commissioned as a part of the terminal’s branding initiative which launched in 2016. Terminal 4 pursued a light-hearted and friendly visual identity for the building to guide and delight its passengers, and partnered with international branding firm Base Design to create an iconic new logo and visual identity system.

Dent has decades of illustrative experience, having worked for several high profile clients from around the globe including Apple, Vogue, Nike, Volkswagen, Adidas, Wallpaper and ESPN.

Dent’s illustrations join Terminal 4’s uniquely-housed private art collection, including several other specially commissioned works such as “Flight” by Alexander Calder, “Curtain Wall” by Harry Roseman, and “Outside Time” by Dimitar Lukanov.


JFK International Air Terminal, LLC. (JFKIAT) is the operator of Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, one of the most active air terminals in the New York area, serving 34 international and domestic airlines with an annual passenger volume of more than 21 million travelers in 2017. Terminal 4’s expansive shopping mall offers an unparalleled shopping experience for travelers with a wide range of retail options from chic, upscale boutiques, to convenience stores, to electronics, accessories and gifts. Terminal 4 was the first air terminal in North America operated by a private management company. JFKIAT is owned by Schiphol USA Inc., a U.S. affiliate of Schiphol Group.

About Chris Dent

Chris Dent is a UK-based artist with decades of illustrative experience. Chris lives and works in London and studied at Camberwell College of Arts, and he has since worked for a broad range of clients from around the globe including Apple, Vogue, Nike, VW, Adidas, Wallpaper and ESPN. Chris has been featured in the following publications, ‘A Map of The World’ by Antonis Antoniou, ‘Beyond Architecture’ by R. Klanten, L. Feireiss’ ‘Illustration Now! Vol 4’ by Julius Wiedemann, ‘A Journey Through Monochrome Illustrations’ BNN.


  1. I work for Delta and spend most of my day meeting international flights in the corridor where this artwork is displayed and I LOVE it! I hope they never take it down!


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