Joseph Clabby

President & CEO, Corporate Loss Prevention Associates

Congratulations to Joe Clabby and his team on the 40th anniversary of CLPA. Joe and his team consistently exhibit deep care and concern for the airport community and beyond. Joe spent many years as the President of the JFK Airport Chamber of Commerce where he took on the massive endeavor of bringing a September 11th Memorial to JFK. While it is still in the works, it is Joe’s leadership and dedication to the project and to the community that lost so many that day that ensures JFK airport will have a memorial. Joe is a generous contributor to civic associations and organizations in need both on and off the airport including the JFK Chamber of Commerce, JFK Airport Rotary Club, the Inn (Interfaith Nutrition Network) and many others. Joe’s interest in the future of aviation and airports is evident in all he does to give a helping hand to students interested in being part of the airport community through teaching, seminars, internships, employment, volunteerism, tours and key introductions. On behalf of the Metropolitan Airport News, congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and we wish you continued success. Katie Bliss, Publisher

1 Tell us about your personal background and how you came to build one of the leading security company’s at the airport?

I started in the United States Marine Corp from High school and was sent overseas. I was fortunate enough to attend John Jay College and received numerous degrees. I attended school while getting into the New York City Police Department and eventually became a Detective, specializing in Counter Terrorism, and Major Homicide. I was commissioned by the United States Army as a Counter Terrorism Commander and sent to the Middle East during a number of conflicts. From this experience, I was given a contract by the Federal Government to train Counter Terrorism Agents in the U.S. and in the Middle East. I started Corporate Loss Prevention Associates in 1980 by taking a credit advance for $300.00. I retired from the NYPD in 1985. 

In addition to this I am an Adjunct Professor at Farmingdale for over 16 years teaching young aviation career minded students. I am still shocked that they permit me to continue as a teacher based on my sense of humor bluntness. I have learned from my students more than I can impart to them; many are now flying fighter jets in the Navy, Marines, Army and the Air Force. I am very proud of them.

2This year marks the 40th anniversary of your founding Corporate Loss Prevention Associates.What are you are you most proud of?

I am proud of my daughter Kimberly and her struggles with cancer and how brave she has been. She helps other battle through their procedures, giving them hope and love. I am lucky that she is now working with me at Corporate Loss Prevention Associates. 

I am proud of our firm of over 650 employees, many have been here with me since the beginning. I know most of them face to face and how hard they work. I have a staff that works together, teaching each other and we have become a family. I know that I have learned and developed into a more understanding person because of them and I enjoy each and every day. I still have the passion and fire to protect the wonderful JFK community and those that have chosen to bring their talents to work every day.

3 After 40 years of doing business at the airports, what are you most excited about coming up?

I am excited every day, meeting with my senior management team of Vidya Ramsammy, President and Clorinda Antonucci, Vice President and Kimberly Clabby, Human Resources Manager. This is the future for Corporate Loss Prevention Associates. I need a staff that can take care of our large family of employees and their families. I owe them the best working conditions and more importantly an improving pay scale. We have flourished because of their hard work and attention to detail. 

I am also so excited to be part of JFK with the redevelopment, I know the future is bright for the airport community.

4 What advice would you give to a new company interested in providing a service at one of our local airports?

Every business has to be part of the community to be successful. I know that I have learned “Airport” from being part of the airport community via the organization, charities, golf outings, luncheons, dances, trips. I have made many, many good friends that have occasionally hit me in the back of the head to get me to understand and to help my firm grow bigger and better. 

We have so many charities that need our help. Roll up your sleeves, have fun and sleep better at night knowing that you are a part of change and share the love. So my advice is to talk to everyone and make connections, get out there and mingle!

5 Your passion for 9/11 and remembering all those that we lost is very powerful. What is on the horizon to keep the community together so that we never forget? 

I have always felt I was a “tough guy” but being at the 9/11 site for many weeks and feeling the pain and sorrow that could not be explained has made me a little crazy to get a site at the airport. We need a place to bend a knee, say a prayer to our “Angels in the Sky” and to NEVER forget what happened that day. To make everyone’s resolve to do a better job to protect the airport every day without any lapses and make sure that everyone understands why our job is so, so important. 

The Chamber of Commerce is very special to who we are at JFK Airport, especially with remembering 9/11. We need to make our voices heard and get things accomplished. Too often, people talk and talk and then talk more, we need to move into the future and with the amount of experience on the Board, we do have all of the tools and motivation to make JFK International Airport the safest and most customer friendly airport that New York deserves.

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates, Inc.

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates (CLPA) was established in 1980, the brainchild of Joseph V. Clabby, a renowned New York City Police Detective who was a leader in the eradication of white collar crime with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Clabby’s idea was to create a “one stop shop” for all of the security concerns that faced individuals and businesses with the development of technology and the economic status of the 80’s. The theory was that when all aspects of loss prevention are considered, there are fewer cracks in the security system, and therefore fewer losses. When you have one company that is knowledgeable in all areas of loss prevention, you have a company that can look at your home or business and determine where your weakest links are in all areas, you can then secure all areas and put your losses at a minimum.

Kathryn Bliss has a strong background in Information Technology, Data Management, and Human Resources. Ms. Bliss has more than 22 years of professional management experience with Chase Bank, where she was a officer and manager. Her expertise focused on developing and analyzing data to assess the current and historical business environment and trends, regulatory requirements, and identify risks and errors. In addition, she managed a staff of Information Analysts as well as projects internal and external to the bank. Kathryn also is the owner and manager of Cypress Kings Inc., a specialized maintenance services company. She graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Information Management.


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