New Ground Handler Arrives at JFK Airport

In the midst of a combination crisis; the CODIV-19 pandemic and the unrest throughout the nation, a new enterprise is opening its doors to serve the airport community. The company is ASAK Solutions, and this display of optimism about our future is a shot in the arm for all of us.  

ASAK Solutions LLC is a veteran owned and operated, up and coming premier ground handler in JFK airport. It was started by 2 longtime friends, Arnold Sue and Alminko Kojic. They had the idea of starting their own company years ago, and now it has now become a reality.  

The owners pride themselves in filling in the gaps that are being created within the cargo community. One of the main ones that we’ve seen and had a firsthand encounter with is efficiency. They have built their company around a simple motto, “We have one goal, and that is your goal.” Meaning their primary focus is accommodating the needs of the client,  

Most problems within the cargo community can be solved through efficiency. Arnold and Alminko have worked at JFK for other Ground Handling companies for over 10 years, and have learned how to properly manage risk, and achieve the results required by their customers. This capability and care they now bring to ASAK Solutions.  

Services Offered 

ASAK offers a multitude of services to the JFK community. Currently they handle the ramp services for the ARK Development, as well as all their other logistic needs. The ARK senior management team has been welcomed from the outset of their arrival. In addition, a well-known company provided specs for ASAK and gave them a chance to prove their capabilities and ASAK came through with exactly what they wanted.

Almindo Kojic, Vice President of ASAK Solutions said; “We also offer lavatory, water and cabin cleaning services to local freighters. The newest contract in JFK, was secured doing lavatory and water contracts. Our team came out on opening day and we introduced our selves to the entire ramp and made them aware that we are here for them 24/7. They’ve been very pleased with the services since then, and we have expanded to cabin cleaning due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the necessity to keep employees safe, not just our own, but our clients as well.” 

Recently, they signed a ground handling contract to handle mail coming into JFK. Handling mail coming in by vessel and having it trucked over to JFK, this is a new means of transportation for the vast amount of mail being processed throughout the world, that would otherwise not be able to move. Since the airlines became overwhelmed with cargo, companies have explored other forms of transportation. Kojic added: “We currently handle over half a million pounds of mail a week coming into JFK. This contract has helped us provide jobs for many people during this unprecedent health pandemic that is destroying the economy.” 

Pandemic Response

While other companies have struggled with maintaining staff, ASAK has been able to keep staffing at 100%, while adding more manpower as they grew the business. They were careful to take all precautions necessary to keep employees safe by supplying masks, gloves, doing temperature checks prior to each shift. They also have their vehicles fully steamed cleaned to disinfect weekly. They understand that their employees are the backbone of the company and want to ensure their health and safety. 

ASAK was available and helping during the start of COVID pandemic, when other handlers needed assistance, providing manpower to assist in the handling of freighters when there was an issue. They understand the need for collaboration between companies in order to better serve our clients and help the airport cargo community overall.

Metropolitan Airport News welcomes ASAK Solutions to JFK. You can learn more at ASAK Solutions webpage:


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