Angie Carpenter

Supervisor of the Town of Islip

After many years in the private sector as a business owner, Angie Carpenter began her tenure in government in February of 1993 when she was elected to the position of Legislator of the 11th Legislative District in a special election. In the Legislature, Angie was known for her persistent efforts on the behalf of all of her constituents. Having served as a member of nearly every committee in the Legislature, she was elected unanimously for two terms as Deputy Presiding Officer. 

After a long and successful 13 years at the Suffolk County Legislature, Angie was elected Suffolk County Treasurer in November 2005. As Treasurer for nine years, Angie immersed herself in all the latest information in Government Finance, including serving as a board member for New York State Government Finance Officers Association a position she still holds. Angie’s twenty-three years of government experience and her experience as a former business owner led the Islip Town Board to appoint her to the position of Islip Town Supervisor in March 2015. In November 2015, the voters of Islip validated the Town Board’s action electing Angie Carpenter to a full four-year term.

1 Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) was recently named in USA Today 10 Best Small Airports. What has occurred at the airport over the last five years to reach this status?

The airport has invested in improving the customer experience of the airport over the last five years. Most importantly, Long Island MacArthur Airport was the first airport in the country to install continuous pathogen reduction units in April 2020 in congested spaces to reduce airborne and surface pathogens creating a safe environment for our employees and travelers. Additionally, we use Silver Defender, an anti-microbial film, on high-touch surfaces to create a healthy space. Generally, we are less crowded than city airports. Most travelers enjoy the affordability of parking, its close proximity to the terminal and automated parking attendants. The TSA Security lines at ISP are efficient. 

2 How do you envision Long Island MacArthur Airport as an economic engine for Long Island and what are the benefits to Long Islanders for having the airport? 

The airport contributes $600M to the local economy and employs more than 6,000 people directly and indirectly. Long Island MacArthur has a resident and business parking permit program. That offers Town  of Islip residents and businesses reduced parking rates.

3 With the announcement of Breeze Airways as a carrier at ISP beginning in 2022, how many jobs will that bring, and what are future plans to add more Breeze flights?

It’s difficult to anticipate the economic benefits of a new carrier, however, the airport continually works on promoting products and services of all carriers at ISP including American, Frontier, and Southwest Airlines who have been long-time partners of the airport. We are excited to have Breeze Airways join our MacArthur Airport family and offer new service to Charleston SC and Norfolk VA beginning in February 2022. 

We strive to bring Long Islanders more travel options closer to their home. When a community strongly supports Breeze Airways and our other air carriers, they will add frequency and new service. The community as whole needs to show our air carrier partners they can, and will, fill the aircraft seats. 

4 As airport operations begin to welcome back travelers, what does ISP have in place to make their experience memorable, and convenient to access by car, LIRR, Bus, Taxi shuttle service?

Long Island MacArthur has completed $65M in capital improvements over the past 5 years. In 2022, a new modern and convenient ground vehicle transportation center will be opened. This will provide transportation options to travelers who use the airport. 

Long Island Railroad offers a special Getaway Package to travelers who want to purchase a ticket to the airport with transportation to the terminal. 

5 What do you love about serving the community as a public servant and with local organizations that you belong to? 

It is an absolute honor and privilege to serve as the Supervisor of our wonderful Town of Islip. We are the 3rd largest township in the State of NY, however are still able to enjoy a real feeling of hometown in all our hamlets and villages. 

Our airport advisory board has proven to be a real opportunity for me to work with various community leaders and organizations in advocating for Islip’s Long Island MacArthur Airport that gives the passengers who frequent it, an unparalleled and positive customer experience.


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