Annual Mardi Gras Crowns New King and Queen

School Sisters of Notre Dame Hold Annual Fundraising Event at Roma View

The 2019 King and Queen are Katie Bliss, Publisher of the Metropolitan Airport News and Frank Desiderio, partner in the law firm, GDLSK in Manhattan.

On Feb. 20, 2019, the School Sisters of Notre Dame held their annual Mardi Gras celebration at Roma View, this year being special because it marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Sisters Educational Center when it welcomed its first class of eighteen women.

The Center has grown and has changed the lives of almost 2000 women since its inception. Sister Cathy spoke of the Centers’ mission which has enabled women with limited opportunities to earn a high school diploma and for many to learn to speak English. Video clips were shown of some of the women who expressed their hopes and gratitude to the Sisters for their help.

Despite wintry winds and snow, more than 100 attendees enjoyed a fun filled evening with great food, raffles, amazing magic tricks and dancing to a DJ, making this another successful fundraiser for the Center.

The highlight of the evening was crowning the new Queen and King of the Mardi Gras. This years’ Queen is Katie Bliss, publisher of the Metropolitan Airport News, creator of its Charitable Gift Giving program, successful business owner, and dedicated supporter of the Sisters’ Educational Center as well as many other airport and community organizations and causes. In addition, Katie and her husband, are proud parents of their four children.

Crowned King this year is Frank Desiderio, partner in the law firm, GDLSK in Manhattan. Frank became acquainted with the Center when he heard that the speaker at a Semantics fundraiser he was attending was a School Sister of Notre Dame. He credits his success as an attorney to the education he received from the sisters at St. Anselm School, and regaled us with the very humorous story of his acceptance there at the tender age of 6. Frank is involved in a multitude of good works and organizations besides being an enthusiastic supporter of the Sisters’ Center, but makes his family his priority.

Congratulations to Queen, Katie Bliss, and King, Frank Desiderio, for their wonderful work and dedication to the School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center!

SSND Mardi Gras 2019
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