Big Turnout for Co-Sponsored Airport Networking Event

The JFK Airport Rotary Club and the JFK Airport Chamber of Commerce came together with the Cradle of Aviation Museum to host a fabulous Networking Event geared towards those seeking to do business and do good in the JFK Airport Community.

Nothing beats a Thursday night at a private event at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The thoughtful historical aviation displays, all Long Island based kept everyone in awe of the space. The food and refreshments provided by Phillip Stone Caterers were very much enjoyed and appreciated by the group.  The museum hosts small events, corporate meetings and birthday parties or Gala’s for 1,000 people! Come for the day or consider your event, you will be happy to be there either way.

John F. Kennedy International Airport Rotary Club Members
John F. Kennedy International Airport Rotary Club Members

The reason they all gathered was to meet one another seeking business relationships. Some were lifetime JFK Community business folks and some have never been to JFK except to get on a flight. But once they met, even for just a few minutes, the wheels were turning about how they could do business together. The JFK Airport Chamber of Commerce has the business community in mind as they launch a re-branding of their organization, laser focused on bringing value to long-time businesses and those seeking new opportunities within JFK Community. As there is a New JFK coming, there shall also be a New JFK C lhamber of Commerce to help businesses navigate the 13-billion-dollar redevelopment. 

John F. Kennedy International Airport Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
John F. Kennedy International Airport Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

And while you are doing business at JFK, it feels right to give back to the community that surrounds the airport and supports aviation. The JFK Airport Rotary Club is a group of professionals that do business within the JFK Airport community and seek to provide service to others, promote integrity, goodwill and peace through our fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. 2020 marks the 50th anniversay of The JFK Airport Rotary Club. They host events such as the JFK Run the Runway 5K, the Ladies Golf and Spa, the Kids Holiday Party and more. Through their fundraising efforts, they support local organizations such as Aviation High School, the USO, Saratoga Family Inn, Patient Airlift Services,  and other local non-profit organizations.

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