Crucial Test Kits Arrive at JFK International Airport

ASAK National Airlines COVID Tests
ASAK Solutions offloads the National Airlines 747 carrying more than 4,000,000 COVID test kits for distribution across New York State.

JFK International Airport is the world’s airport. During the pandemic, the cargo areas have seen unprecedented shipments of goods into the area bound for near and far.  There has been PPE, medical equipment, vaccines, and other critical medications.  Now, as we are in need of rapid COVID tests to support our schools and other public places to stay open safely, the shipment arrived.

ASAK Solutions, the Veteran Owned ground handler at JFK, was a crucial part of the coordination for the complicated shipment of over 4 million test kits.  There were flight delays (of course), the tests had to be offloaded and then they had to get them into the trucks waiting to distribute the items all over the NYC area.


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