Delta Air Lines Introduces Interactive Map

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance co-founded by Delta, has launched a series of digital maps to help customers breeze through its global hubs, as it continues investing in technology to enhance the airport experience.

Navigating ever-changing travel requirements can be tricky, but Delta is making it easier to plan and book your next trip by bringing detailed travel requirement information, an updated look at where we fly, and a seamless connection to booking into a single easy-to-use tool on

A new interactive map gives customers the power to search, view and click-to-book their desired destination all in one place, giving them full control and a better understanding of current requirements and what to expect upon arrival. This new functionality, powered by Smartvel, allows Delta teams to deliver the best experience possible even before customers return to travel.

The tool gives insight into quarantine and testing requirements, travel forms and paperwork, local health information, local COVID-19 guidelines, and links to necessary forms and applications needed prior to travel. Customers can have confidence in Delta’s industry-leading connectivity to take them where they want to go, and know the airline will prioritize their health and safety throughout the journey.

“We are focused on ways we can make planning your next trip as simple and personalized as possible,” said Rhonda Crawford, Vice President – Global Distribution and Digital Strategy. “As we shared at CES, Delta’s future is rooted in the intersection of technology and the customer experience. We want customers to have full control over their journey, and that begins with a digital-first experience that is easy to navigate and packed with the information you need to know before you travel.”

This intelligent map and search tool aggregate the most updated travel requirements from the U.S. and around the world into an intuitive user interface. Delta is making it easier than ever to quickly find information on travel conditions in your favorite destinations, what you can do to prepare and what you can expect when you land.

The data is carefully curated from national and local government agencies and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to give customers a comprehensive picture of what they need to know. And several enhancements are already in the works, as we’re currently evaluating how we can provide:

Technology to Take the Stress Out of Travel

At CES, the airline laid out a vision to bring technology front and center in the customer experience to reduce stress and offer a more personalized experience. Since the onset of the pandemic, Delta has used digital solutions to quickly and intelligently address customer pain points brought on by COVID-19, including:

Delta also want customers to feel confident when booking, knowing they can easily change their travel plans. That’s why we permanently eliminated change fees for U.S. domestic travel, excluding Basic economy fares, beginning in 2021. For any tickets purchased through December 2020, Delta is also waiving change fees for both domestic and international travel.


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