For the fourth year in a row, Delta has earned a spot on the Workforce 100 list, Workforce magazine’s recognition of the top 100 companies that excel in human resources.

Delta ranked No. 2 on this year’s list, climbing 18 spots from No. 20 in 2017. The only other airlines listed in 2018 were Southwest (No. 11) and United (No. 34). Other companies ranking in the top ten include (No. 1), Facebook, Starbucks and Google.

“It is such a privilege and honor to lead such an awesome group of women and men on the HR team who demonstrate every day their passion to be resourceful business partners and who are, in my opinion, the best in the world at caring for our people,” said Joanne Smith, E.V.P. and Chief Human Resources Officer. “This recognition is incredibly well deserved. Thank you and congratulations to an amazing team.”

Workforce 100 recognition is based on the companies’ performance in seven core areas:

  • Workplace culture
  • Employee benefits
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee development and talent management
  • Human resources innovation and management
  • Leadership development
  • Recruiting and talent acquisition

In addition, Workforce asked Glassdoor, Inc. to provide data on what employees say about working for their companies, making employee feedback an important part of receiving the honor.

To learn more about the Workforce 100 and see a complete list of honorees, visit


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