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Second generation carries on a 29-year tradition of manufacturing and delivering the highest quality fasteners to ensure the safe operations and maintenance of commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft.

Fastener Dimensions Bolt

Located just a few miles from JFK Airport, Fastener Dimensions, Inc. is a primary supplier of aircraft and aerospace parts. This family-owned and operated company works continually to maintain the personal, small business approach that fueled its growth into an industry leader.

Fastener Dimensions serves manufactures (Boeing, Sikorsky, Lockheed, BAE, Harris and many others), their sub-tiers, repair stations, airlines, and other distributors all over the world with same-day shipment and outstanding customer service. It provides value-added services, such as kitting solutions (ready-to-assemble kits), vendor managed inventory, and long-term agreements.

Combining strong engineering capability and highly skilled technical support, Fastener Dimensions helps OEMs develop new products and designs. Its engineers are standing by, ready to support current and new customers with design assistance. The company remains at the forefront of new technology’s evolving demands, and continues to surpass customer expectations for high quality manufacturing and after-sale service.

Fastener Dimensions has earned and maintained key OEM-approvals, including ATR, Airbus, Fiat, GE, Agusta, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky, Textron Defense Systems, Cessna, Piper, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Bombardier, Learjet, NASA, LORD, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Defense, IAI/Israel Military and more.

Fastener Dimensions Staff
Photo L. TO R. Fastener Dimension, Inc., Management Team: Kathy Hinkle, Jason Hinkle, CEO David Hinkle, Jennifer Hinkle and Gaetano Vignelli.

Darryl Hinkle, who founded Fastener Dimensions in 1988, had a great passion for mechanics and machine tooling, and fell in love with the fasteners industry. Starting with commercial hardware, he soon moved to aerospace, challenged by that industry’s more complex and exacting standards. When he passed away two years ago at the age of 57, ownership of the company, along with his great motivation and love for the aviation industry, transferred to his wife Kathleen and their three children.

Son David is now General Manager and sales lead, while son Jason manages quality and operations. Daughter Jennifer coordinates accounting and financials, and Kathleen serves as CEO, with the enormous support of their many loyal, long-time employees.

The family hired Gaetano Vingelli, himself a third-generation aviation professional, to serve as Director of Business Development. His grandfather was a machinist, who came from Naples, Italy to New York to work for Long Island airplane manufacturing factories, including Fairchild and Grumman. His father retired after more than 30 years in aviation, most recently as a chief cabin attendant. Vingelli’s own aviation career began at Rome and Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airports, as a ramp agent and airline ground representative.

Working in tandem with the Hinkle family, Vingelli oversees the Ozone Park facility. In that 7,000 square feet building, the company manufactures high strength, close-tolerance bolts and screws, both industry-standard and custom made. Fastener Dimension parts are used in a wide range of applications, including landing gear assemblies, gear-boxes, aircraft interiors, airframes, and helicopter rotor heads.
“Every aspect of our products are completed to the highest standards,” Vingelli said. “Our tolerance levels are very strict: no greater than 1.1 mm. Since aircraft may fly at altitudes above 40,000 feet, and land at sea level tropical airports, they are exposed to a wide range of temperature variations. So all our parts must be impervious to temperature fluctuations.”

“We are honored to carry on our father’s commitment to the aviation industry, to his high-quality standards, and to his investment in New York,” said David Hinkle. “In addition to our Ozone Park facility, we have a three year old state-of-the-art bolt manufacturing plant in the heart of East New York, equipped with CNC, thread rollers, presses, drilling equipment, and a lab.”
“And although the trend today is for manufacturing to move to other states,” Hinkle continued, “our family has set our sights on investing in Brooklyn and Ozone Park.”

Fastener Dimensions, Inc. is not simply a first-class aviation parts manufacturer and supplier, but a great corporate citizen as well.

Joseph Alba
Mr. Alba was previously Editor of the Airport Press for 12 years covering both local as well as global aviation news. Prior to this, Mr. Alba had Executive positions in Systems Engineering and Marketing with IBM World Trade, and had foreign assignments in the Far East and Latin America earning three Outstanding Achievement Awards. Mr. Alba also directed a new function dealing with Alternate Fuels for Public Service Electric & Gas company in New Jersey and founded a Natural Gas Vehicle Consortium consisting of car company executives and fleet owners, and NGV suppliers in New Jersey. Mr. Alba was a founding partner of ATA, an IT Consulting company which is still active in Central and South America. After leaving the armed forces, Mr. Alba’s initial employee was the U.S. Defense Department as an analyst.


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