The parking service employees here at Newark Liberty are often overlooked and underappreciated however; they play a pivotal role in the operation. ABM Industries has been a part of Port Authority Airports since 1983 and their employees have some of the longest tenure at the airport, many of whom have 20 plus years working at Newark Liberty.

Whether it is the cashiers assisting patrons at the toll booths, the traffic attendants assisting the airline and airport workers as they enter or exit in the employee lot, you will find a friendly ABM person more than happy to assist! They are the key to a smooth parking operation here at Newark Liberty.

The ABM employees in the field are not just the people that you see in the toll booths in each parking lot. The cashiers, traffic attendants and supervisors are in the field 24/7; in the summer heat, the winter’s frigid cold, during blinding rain, blustery snow and frequent winds. They assist the airport patrons with locating their vehicles, provide jump starts with dead batteries, assist with flat tire repair, and/or notify the airport towing contractor if a vehicle is in need of service station repair.

The traffic attendants assist patrons where to park their vehicle when the parking lots are full, they point out where the fast toll plazas are for quick patron exiting, and often assist patrons with local driving directions. The field supervisors travel between the toll plazas assisting the patrons and cashiers.

The operations staff located in the Central Toll Building are at the heart of the operation. They remotely assist the field supervisors, cashiers and patrons.

When there are difficulties with patrons exiting the airport, the cashier utilize the VOIP intercoms to communicate with the Supervisor in Charge (SIC). They are able to issue remote commands within the POS in order to assist the cashier towards providing a fast and courteous assistance to patrons exiting the airport.

Another vital area within the airport parking structure is the employee parking facility, Lot F. This is the location where the airline flight crews, cargo and other airport employees park their vehicles and are bussed to their office and/or work locations.

The ABM staff in the Employee Office located within the lot. The office is open to the employees Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The airline and cargo companies pay for their employees parking and are issued AVI tags for entry and exiting the lot. The ABM staff program and issue the tags and assist the employees with their renewals and with any issues or difficulties that may be encountered when parking.

Newark Liberty International Airport has a capacity of over 22,500 parking spaces that are available for patrons and employees alike. Wherever you park you are likely to find a friendly and courteous ABM employee to assist you with your parking needs.


  1. Hi I work at Vino Volo in terminal B. Can I park at Lot F? Is there a flat monthly fee? Will you please send me any info you have for a more economical way to park at EWR.


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