Port Authority to Re-Dedicate Menorah On Its Return to World Trade Center Site

For the first time since 9/11, a menorah that incorporates 9/11 steel will be on display at the World Trade Center site

Lt. Scot Pomerantz (center, back row) stands with other members of the Shomrim Society.

The Port Authority and the Shomrim Society of the Port Authority will formally re-dedicate the return of a new Hanukkah menorah during a ceremony at the World Trade Center site at 5:10 p.m. on Monday, December 18.

The re-dedication ceremony will take place in the eastern half of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub Oculus, where it will be on display during Hanukkah seasons.

The new menorah was designed and built by Michael and Bonnie Berkowicz, who in the 1990s designed and built two 7½ foot menorahs that were on public display in the Twin Towers for 10 years. On 9/11, these two menorahs were destroyed when the towers collapsed.

PAPD Lt. Scot Pomerantz, president of the Port Authority’s Shomrim Society, spent the past seven years overseeing the effort to return a menorah to the site.


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