Southwest Airlines Celebrates 50 Years With Commemorative Book

Carrier pays tribute to its 50-year history through a coffee-table book, showcasing engaging short stories and iconic photos of 50 objects, outfits, and artifacts from its archives

Southwest Airlines Celebrates 50 Years with Commemorative Book

Southwest Airlines Co. is wrapping up its milestone 50th Anniversary year by releasing a one-of-a-kind commemorative history book, “50 Years. One Heart. A History of Southwest in 50 Objects.” Starting today, Southwest® fans can purchase this unique coffee-table book, which brings to life the Company’s colorful history, its corporate archives, and reflection of its People through photographs and moments from the carrier’s rich past, exclusively sold at Southwest The Store. This special book also represents the exciting culmination of 50 years’ worth of iconic stories as Southwest Airlines closes out its first five decades.

“Throughout our 50th Anniversary year, we’ve reflected on the past—the People, stories, and moments that defined our first half-century,” said Gary Kelly, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for Southwest Airlines. “This commemorative history book celebrates our unique past and Culture, and serves as an inspiration as we close one chapter of our Company history and turn the page to our next chapter, filled with hope and resilience.” 

Southwest Airlines Celebrates 50 Years with Commemorative Book
About “50 Years. One Heart. A History of Southwest in 50 Objects” Hardcover coffee-table book.

Southwest is celebrating its incredible first 50 years by showcasing a stunning collection of 50 unique objects, outfits, and artifacts (photographed by Southwest Sr. Photographer Stephen M. Keller and Southwest Sr. Designer Brianna Juda), accompanied by short stories from the Company’s inspiring history and a special foreword by Kelly as he prepares to transition into his role as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors in early 2022.

This is the first of two special books launching in celebration of Southwest’s 50th year of service—more information coming on the second book in early 2022.


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