The JFK Rotary Hosts Fellow Rotarians From Sweden and PALS

JFK Rotary Hosts Fellow Rotarians From Sweden
Sonia Saleh, President of JFK Rotary receives a gift from visiting Swedish Rotarian.

The JFK Rotary Club held their monthly dinner meeting on October 2nd at the Crowne Plaza JFK. While it was there regular monthly meeting, it was a special one to be at. Some of the JFK Rotary Club members were just finishing up a 10-day visit with fellow Rotarians from Sweden as part of the International Travel and Hosting Fellowship. The program enriches the lives of Rotarians and their love of travel by connecting them with a host family, fellow Rotary members, at their travel destination. We have several JFK Rotary members who have hosted at their homes in New York as well as have been hosted in other countries.

In addition to the amazing stories being shared by our Swedish guests, the JFK Rotary was proud to have Jackie Pecora from PALS (Patient Airlift Services) attend the meeting to accept a donation made possible by the proceeds from the JFK Rotary Ladies Golf and Spa event held in July.

The JFK Rotary does so much locally and internationally. If you would like more information about the work that the JFK Rotary does or how to become a member, contact Frank McIntyre,

Join them on November 6 as they thank Ted Walters of jetBlue for his support, and also recognizing long-standing members of the JFK Rotary.

Jackie Pecora (PALS) with Dolores Hofman (ASDO)


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