Transportation Security Firm Debuts System to Help Police Recover Stolen Cargo Faster

Texas-based transportation security technology company Overhaul on Oct. 10 launched the latest in a suite of risk management solutions geared to shippers of premium cargo, tool to provide cargo theft task forces from around the United States with instant access to data on an in-progress incident.

Overhaul says that Law Enforcement Connect, or LE Connect, can transfer critical shipment information directly from victimized drivers and/or shippers to law enforcement officials. Drivers can also receive alerts to confirm a theft is in progress or has occurred which notifies responding officers in real-time.

Alerts include live tracking sent directly to the LE officer’s smartphone, recent photos of the stolen equipment which provide law enforcement with key data needed to identify equipment and recover cargo in an expedited manner.

Overhaul CEO Barry Conlon said. “We are 100 percent committed to creating a secure and reliable information delivery system, which is why we are offering LE Connect as a free tool to support our law enforcement partners and as part of our customizable visibility and risk management solution,” adds Conlon.

“The recovery process can be fraught with roadblocks, typically involving multiple phone calls with several disconnected parties trying to connect the dots within an information vacuum. This can take time and work to the criminal’s advantage,” said Willie Morales, a former Miami-Dade Police Dept. detective who for nearly two years was a member of the department’s TOMCATS Cargo Theft Task Force. “LE Connect is truly a game changing solution for our community “I believe it will result in higher recovery rates and offer a stronger deterrence factor to the criminal organizations who prey on high value supply chains.”

Overhaul also recently announced the launch of a customizable risk management solution that aggregates relevant data from available monitoring and management technologies into a single unified view to detect and correct non-compliance behaviors as they occur.


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