XpresSpa Group’s New Travel Health & Wellness Brand Treat Launches at JFK Terminal 4

In conjunction with Treat’s mobile app, this new location is both a fully operational upscale health and wellness care center with board-certified physicians and provides other luxury wellness services for travelers.

XpresSpa Group, Inc., a health and wellness company, announced the opening of Treat’s first brick and mortar location in Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Just in time for the holiday travel rush, Treat will be a fully operational upscale health and wellness center with access to on-site care with medical professionals, Covid-19 rapid PCR tests, IV drip infusion therapy, flu shots, and on-site virtual sessions like yoga and fitness and feature a bespoke collection of retail partners including Bala, p.Volve, Noshinku, LARQ, Hilma, Memobottle and Ostrchpillow.

“In this pandemic world, people are now prioritizing health and wellness, especially when traveling,” said Doug Satzman, XpresSpa Group CEO. “This first-of-it’s-kind suite of travel health and wellness services is leading a new era in wellness travel – whether you need a test, want to work out, seek healthcare on-the-go, or just escape from the stressors of travel, Treat will be an invaluable set of resources as traveler needs continue to evolve.”

Satzman continued, “Treat’s membership, via the mobile app, provides unlimited access to on-demand virtual care and provides a health wallet, where one can upload, store and control medical records in a HIPPA-secure environment. Use the app to schedule appointments at Treat in-airport wellness centers starting at JFK T4 today for everything from Covid-19 Rapid PCR testing and anxiety care to reserving private rooms for yoga or meditation sessions. In conjunction with the website, Treat.com provides the latest COVID travel requirements, delivers original content, tips and offers a variety of products that make traveling the world with confidence easier.”

“We are very pleased to partner with XpresSpa and the Port Authority to launch Treat’s first brick and mortar location,” said Roel Huinink, President and CEO of JFKIAT, the operator of Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. “As we enter the holiday season and continue to experience increases in air travel, ensuring a safe environment remains our highest priority. This partnership is our latest initiative to provide our customers with a safe and seamless experience, and we are very pleased that T4 will be the home of Treat’s first location.” 

The launch of Treat’s first brick-and-mortar location (Phase Three) is the final major milestone in the three-phase plan to provide travelers with integrated health and wellness care at the tip of their fingers through Treat. Combined with the June launch of treat.com (Phase One) and, Treat’s mobile app (Phase Two) launched in August, Treat’s first physical location, rounds out a 360-degree offering for members and travelers.


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