Antonov Airlines Arrives at JFK Airport With 52 Tons of Loose Mail from Ukraine

ASAK Solutions Antinov JFK Airport, New York
(Photo courtesy of ASAK Solutions/Alminko Kojic)

Cargo is busy as ever at JFK and the demand for experienced ground handlers is high. This is always the case around the holidays and local resources are even further stretched due to the increase demand in online shopping due to COVID-19 restrictions around the world.

The global mail handling chain has been impacted for a variety of reasons as reported on the Ukraine governments website: “Despite the quarantine and the crisis in the aviation industry, Ukrposhta (Ukraines Post Office) continues to take care of its customers and improves the delivery of mail abroad. The United States is one of the key countries for Ukrainian exporters. And the new charter program, aimed at delivering postal items to America, will not only allow regular and convenient delivery of parcels overseas without interruptions and transits but also remove problems with their delay due to possible cancellations,” said Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Kryklii.

Ukrposhta, the national state-owned postal company of Ukraine contracted with Antonov Airlines to deliver 52 tons of loose loaded mail from Kyiv (KBP) to New York (JFK) on November 2nd. The charters are in place due to significant decreased passenger flights. It is typical for mail to transfer around the world in the belly of passenger aircrafts. But with so few international flights, Ukrposhta had to change their strategy. The large volume is attributed to the small and medium Ukrainian companies having an increase in export to the U.S. with a strong e-commerce environment. 

ASAK Solutions Antinov JFK Airport, New York
ASAK Solutions team members working through the night to offload the massive Antonov and transport the mail to the JFK USPS facility. (Photo courtesy of ASAK Solutions/Alminko Kojic)

And who better to meet that massive Antonov aircraft at hangar 19 JFK than ASAK Solutions. They are making a name for themselves as big enough to handle large operations and small enough to be flexible and efficient for their clients. ASAK Solutions may be new to JFK, but they are doing some really huge things. It is a testament to their experience and professionalism that makes them the perfect partner to work with for the biggest, most difficult jobs.

After offloading all that mail, they loaded it up into custom fabricated ULD’s and transported it over to the JFK USPS for handling. That was just one flight in the day of many for ASAK Solutions.


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