GatewayJFK Distributes 6,000 Masks & PPE to Local Business

This June GatewayJFK went door to door across the district to distribute over 6,000 masks, face shields, and safety information to offices, warehouses, and restaurants in the vicinity of Rockaway Blvd. in Southeast Queens.

Along with the masks GatewayJFK distributed posters for business to display that inform and encourage employees to prevent the spread of the virus, practice good hygiene, and follow standard safety practices. Posters are available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Urdu and Hindi and are available for download.

Masks were provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services, and face shields were donated by the Queens Chamber of Commerce. GatewayJFK is part of a citywide effort to provide 4 Million free face coverings and other articles of Personal Protective Equipment to small businesses and their employees to assist  in reopening the local economy.

If your business would like GatewayJFK to provide you with PPE or posters please reach out to Executive Director Scott Grimm-Lyon at or call the GatewayJFK office at 516-730-3400 to set up an appointment.


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