GatewayJFK Launches Security Patrol

GatewayJFK launched a new security patrol to help keep our neighborhood safe and vibrant. The goal of the patrol is to provide extra eyes on the streets to prevent burglaries, illegal dumping, and graffiti.

The unarmed security officers are responsible for patrolling the 215-acre area that makes up the GatewayJFK Business Improvement District. The patrol will act as a deterrent to crime, provide information and assistance to stakeholders, and address quality of life issues throughout the district. Security officers have been trained on the best ways to work with the New York City Police Department and will work cooperatively with the other security forces and building management professionals in the area to deal with thefts and the prevention of other crimes.

As part of the patrol, the security team has been supplied with a new SUV that has been equipped with lights and branded with the GatewayJFK logo. The officers are trained and supervised by Sammed Security Inc. a local MWBE firm that has over 100 licensed security personnel on staff and has been located on Rockaway Blvd. since 1999. Sammed won a competitive process that started with a request for proposals in July of 2020.

“We were very happy to find a company that had an understanding of the unique needs and nuances of our neighborhood, and also experience in providing security for over 20 years.” Said Scott Grimm-Lyon, Executive Director of GatewayJFK.

This is the second major contract for supplemental services GatewayJFK has awarded to improve conditions in the neighborhood. In early 2019 GatewayJFK partnered with Wildcat Services to empty garbage cans, spot clean debris along the streets, and provide landscaping and graffiti removal services in the district.

“It’s all about improving quality of life issues” Grimm-Lyon said. “We provide services and coordinate with government agencies to make sure that our community stays safe, clean and on the map.”

If you’d like to schedule the patrol to visit your home or business, please email Executive Director Scott Grimm-Lyon at

If you would like GatewayJFK to take care of another quality of life issue, please contact Dieusita Jean, Operations Manager at


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