New TLC Police Grads to Increase Field Presence by More than Half

 The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) announced the graduation of its latest class of TLC Police Cadets, increasing the number of enforcement officers in the field by 60%. 

Today’s graduation brings the number of TLC Police Officers to 144. In reaching today’s milestone, Cadets completed a rigorous, 21-week training regimen where they underwent tactical, fitness, and customer service training, Including the safe performance of car stops involving aggressive drivers. The Cadets have become expert in conflict defusing, defense tactics, as well as the intricacies of TLC rules and relevant City/State laws. Starting in their new roles as TLC officers, they will continue learning by going out with seasoned officers. Enforcement is paramount to ensure that passengers have a safe ride, and that licensees are vigilant as they share the road with pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. Officers are also pivotal to supporting the taxi, for-hire vehicle, and commuter van drivers and businesses, who follow the rules but are financially impacted when illegal operators steal their passengers and therefore, crucially-important income.

“We are excited to welcome TLC’s new police officers, who will help us protect the public, passengers and drivers,” said TLC Acting Commissioner Bill Heinzen. “New York City offers the safest for-hire ride in the world, because of our rigorous driver background checks and vehicle inspections. By getting unlicensed drivers and vehicles off the road, TLC police officers keep our streets safer for passengers, pedestrians and fellow motorists. TLC Police also protect TLC drivers from those who try to steal their trips and their ability to support their families.” 

“Not only will these officers make a major difference in improving public safety in New York City by protecting passengers from unlicensed and underinsured operators,” said Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement Dianna Pennetti. “But their work will likewise protect professional licensed drivers in the process. “Their work is critical to stopping hustlers at our airports, enforcing against illegal van operations, Vision Zero enforcement, and deterring illegal street hails citywide.” 

Thirteen of our officers are first-generation immigrants, born in Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana, Cuba, Trinidad, England, Ecuador, and the Philippines.


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