Airport Spa Day?

World-class amenities could make airports the final destination.

Traveling for the holidays can be stressful but the increasing amenities at our airports have made it possible to have upscale dining, beauty treatments and relaxing overnight stays.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and  Stewart International Airport all offer a wide range of opportunities to unwind.


With millions of passengers at our area airports, airline lounges’ provide a refuge for travelers avoiding main lobby areas.

President J. Michael Payne, of Workplace Solutions Inc., a furniture provider, told us he prefers going to the business class lounges’ to use his laptop or read a local paper. Payne who mostly travels business class utilizes this option to relax. You to can relax, by joining your airline rewards program and building up points to gain lounge access. Some airport lounges allow you to pay for lounge access, at check-in you can inquire about the fee. Lounges offer various amenities like showers, internet, food, beverage, and a variety of newspapers and journals.

Airport Hotels

While for some travelers with very long connections, a more private option rather than an airline lounge may be an airport hotel.

General Manager Dwayne Cron, of Wyndham Garden Hotel at EWR airport told us in an interview that they offer discounts of 10%-25% on their guest rooms base on availability. Always ask about the possibility of a discounted room if you are staying overnight and relax and save. There are also additional discounts if you are in the rewards program of a hotel.

Many airport hotels offer a 24/7 shuttle service to the airport and some like the Wyndham has full service restaurants offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. A recent check on hotels link reveal a listing of 17 airport hotels at EWR, four at JFK and 13 at Stewart Airport. This site lists amenities, concessionaires and services at EWR, JFK, LGA and Stewart.


Let’s say however, you are not looking to splurge, or your relaxation needs are simpler, like just having dinner. Airports today have many options for an elevated dining experience. These airport restaurants have been written about and featured by Food & Wine,, Time Out, New York Times, and others notable publications.

At JFK’s Terminal 5 there is the upscale sushi hot spot, Deep Blue Sushi, 5ive Steak for a wide range of fanciful burgers and steaks, Piquillo for Spanish dishes including tapas, the Italian Aero Nuova and Parisian delicacies at Brasserie La Vie. Deep Blue has collaborated with known restaurateur and sushi Chef Michael Schulson also of Harp & Crown and more recently Monkitail to offer its best.

Piquillo, known for its tapas with a difference was launch by Chef Alexandra Raij, who also launched Txikito at 240 9th Avenue, in Manhattan. John F. Kennedy’s other five Terminals 1,2,4,7, and 8 offer equally appetizing dining experiences like The Palm Bar & Grille and Tigin’s Irish Pub & Restaurant at Terminal 4. These dining options are all listed online and are after security screening, so if you have that extra one or two hours before boarding your flight go ahead, relax and dine.

Bisoux located in Terminal D at LGA is another stop for French cuisine. Dine-in guests may take advantage of iPads at each seat for a unique and seamless dining experience. Ordering on iPads is also available at the sea food spot the Minnow and Bar Brace at LGA. At EWR Terminal C, dine on famous chocolatier Jacques Torres goodies at the Me’lange Bakery and Café. Torres is a consulting chef at the café.

If you are looking for a more laid back dining experience like enjoying a sandwich, snack, coffee or tea from the popular Starbucks Coffee, Dunkin Donuts or Quiznos with a book, magazine or newspaper you can. With a wide variety of choices at each airport it comes down to what you crave.

Massages, Facials and Manicures

For something more luxuriating – a leisurely 20 minutes facial combined with a 20 minutes back and neck massage can clear your mind and your body.

There is an XpresSpa at JFK Terminals 1 & 4 and at LGA’s Terminal C. It offers 15 to 90 minutes treatment including full body messages, waxing and pedicures. The company’s website said it has the largest global network of airport spas with 53 locations worldwide. A spa treatment is yet another way to relax before your flight this holiday season. So this holiday make it your plan to fly stress free.

For a number of years Nicosia has written about entertainment, arts, culture, and conservation issues, but more recently she has started writing about the aviation and airline industry. Nicosia has worked for several years in customer service with the cargo industry.


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