November 2021 Publisher’s Message

Katie Bliss - Publisher - Metropolitan Airport News
Katie Bliss, Publisher

For those of you who are history buffs and aviation enthusiasts, I hope you enjoy our carefully curated historical features that bring you back in time. So much of the aviation industry started right here in New York. We are truly the ‘Cradle of Aviation.’ 

This month’s featured article, Travel By Air, The Golden Years: 1920s-1960s, focuses on the golden age of air travel when the rich and famous were the passengers. The experience was top of the line, and service was above all else. 

As a child of a TWA GSE Mechanic, I remember traveling in the 70s and 80s. Airline culture was changing for sure by then, but they were still trying hard to make flying a pleasant experience. As a non-rev traveler, the girls had to wear dresses and the boys had to wear a jacket and tie. Hence the reason we didn’t go many places by flight…my father detested getting dressed up! 

The meal was served on real china with actual silverware and the food was surprisingly good. There were no baskets of chips passed around like we have come to expect today.

On the Metropolitan Airport News team, we are proud to work with two fabulous retirees of TWA. Ed Garcia held many roles in the terminal assisting both passengers and crews, and Roberta Dunn, known by many as the Ambassador Club manager at the famed TWA terminal. The stories they tell are funny, outrageous, and fascinating! 

The people they assisted included royalty, presidents, celebrities, and even the Pope! They made friends with many of these frequent flyers, but most important are the relationships with former co-workers, their airport families. To this day, when Ed and Roberta are at the airports, they regularly bump into old friends and co-workers who are always eager to reminisce. 

It was certainly a different time than what we have now. These days we find airport workers and flight crews afraid of unruly passengers who tend to become easily irritated and sometimes violent. 

As you read the article try to imagine what a fanciful experience it was during those times. Your trip started at the terminal, continued through the flight, and perfectly delivered you to your destination in style.  Imagine the delight to not only be transported to another place but to have the actual transportation be so amazing that it was part of the trip.  

Were you around during those glory days? If so, send us a note, write down your stories, we would love to hear them. 

You can always reach us at, or even leave a comment on our website.

I hope you, your family, and your colleagues are remaining healthy and safe as we prepare for this incredibly busy holiday season at the airports.

Kathryn Bliss has a strong background in Information Technology, Data Management, and Human Resources. Ms. Bliss has more than 22 years of professional management experience with Chase Bank, where she was a officer and manager. Her expertise focused on developing and analyzing data to assess the current and historical business environment and trends, regulatory requirements, and identify risks and errors. In addition, she managed a staff of Information Analysts as well as projects internal and external to the bank. Kathryn also is the owner and manager of Cypress Kings Inc., a specialized maintenance services company. She graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Information Management.


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