Sheltair Aviation Announces Appointment of Lisa Holland as President of Corporate Strategies

Gerald M. Holland, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Sheltair Aviation, has announced that Lisa Holland, is the President of Corporate Strategies, a new position.

Lisa Holland is the daughter of the founder and has recently had a greater presence throughout the entire company.  For the past two years, Lisa has been actively involved in meeting the team and learning all facets of Sheltair, including operation procedures, real estate holdings and finances.

Jerry Holland stated that “Understanding the complexities of Sheltair, will allow Lisa to take on more leadership responsibility in the future.  She has inherited my work ethic and I know she will continue to work hard to develop a thorough understanding of the business, to carry out my vision and long-term goals for the company.”

Sheltair began as a South Florida construction company in 1963. Over the past 56 years, the company has grown to be a leader in the aviation industry with 18 FBOs and properties offered for lease and development at 22 airports in Florida, Georgia, New York and most recently Denver, Colorado. Sheltair also provides property leasing, construction management of aviation-related facilities and more.

Lisa Holland, lives in Stuart, Florida and travels extensively to all of Sheltair’s FBOs. In her new position, she will be responsible for communicating with, engaging, influencing and managing internal and external audiences. As the President of Corporate Strategies, she will provide high level strategic leadership for the future growth and organizational development of Sheltair and work to strengthen and foster the core values of the organization.

Jerry Holland states that her role will ensure a carefully planned process for a methodical, organized transition and provide executive level guidance for the future vision, global initiatives and economic stability of the company into the future.

“It is important to me to know that Sheltair will continue to provide employment for our 500 plus employees in the future and that Sheltair will continue to be the leader in the aviation facility construction, property management, and general aviation industries in Florida, the eastern United States, and Colorado,” Jerry Holland commented.


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