United Airlines Will Provide Masks and Hand Wipes to Passengers

United Airlines is giving out face masks as part of a new amenity kit for passengers in the age of Covid-19.

“Starting today, we are providing a little amenity kit,” United Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz said on Bloomberg Television’s Leadership Live. “It will be a little amenity kit that has a snack, a water and some hand wipes for you as you enter the aircraft, along with a mask if you need it.”

The package is branded as “United Clean Plus,” said Munoz, who will become executive chairman after handing the CEO job to United President Scott Kirby this week. United started requiring passengers to use face coverings earlier this month, joining a rush by most U.S. carriers. 

Munoz also predicted that weak demand in the future will affect all of United’s operations, and will not for example, be ordering any new equipment until demand returns.

Other factors that Munoz said would be in play are; a slow recovery for the balance of the year and a moderate step forward in 2021, Slow recovery: The airline sees no scenario where air travel rebounds by October, and the carrier will be forced to reduce overhead costs to adjust to less demand. United has warned of job cuts after Sept. 30, when terms attached to the U.S. government’s payroll support funds will expire. He also does not know if the U.S. can and will provide more aid to struggling airlines. 

He went on to say; This event is three times worse than 9/11, with more financial impact as well. Airline sales have evaporated simultaneously across the board for several months, with governments restricting travel, and economic activity at a stand-still.  


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