AirBridgeCargo Completed a Record Transportation of 27 RKN Envirotainer Containers Onboard a Single Flight

AirBridgeCargo airlines (ABC), one of the leading global carriers of pharmaceuticals by air,  have successfully completed a record transportation of 27 RKN Envirotainer containers onboard a single flight, delivering an important and urgent vaccine product  from Milan, Italy to Beijing, China on 30th of October for one of their global partners, Kuehne+Nagel Italy.

All 27 active containers were delivered to the ground handling company ALHA, Milan ready to ‘load and go’ onboard one of the AirBridgeCargo’s Boeing 747-8F services to hub in Moscow with further connection to Beijing.

ABC’s dedicated pharma team together with the local operations and customer service teams have coordinated and monitored each step of the transportation, starting from priority booking on all flight sectors to overseeing loading process, as well as smooth and seamless offloading in cargo HUB Moscow and loading onto connecting flight to Beijing the same day.

Additional support was provided by ABCs Control Tower, who managed real-time, round-the-clock monitoring of the flight.

AirBridgeCargo is continuing to enhance its “abc pharma” product by offering a multifaceted and personalized approach.


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