August 2021 Publisher’s Message

Katie Bliss - Publisher - Metropolitan Airport News
Katie Bliss, Publisher

I would like to take a moment and thank all of our advertisers that made our July issue so successful for the charitable organizations that we support. We were able to donate $2,100.00 to the USO of Metropolitan New York. They are an important part of the airport community supporting active and retired military members and their families while traveling through our area. We are proud to stand by them and help support their mission. 

I am delighted to see so many things happening in our airport community. There are wonderful things happening at all the airport organizations like JFK Rotary, JFK Chamber, LaGuardia Kiwanis, KAAMCO, LAAMCO, Semantics. It’s a great time to get involved. These organizations are an easy way to meet people that are part of the aviation\airport industry, create relationships in business and help the community that we work in. 

As many of you know, I am active in a few of these organizations and in addition to meeting people, we get a real opportunity to support one another and support those in need. The JFK Rotary Ladies Golf and Day Out was a great success and an example of how when we come together, local organizations can benefit from the generosity of others. 

I am proud to have led the JFK Rotary Club for the last 2 years as President. I am happy to be confidently passing the torch to Nancy Vargas to lead the club into the future. Nancy will be a great leader not only for the club, but for the community. 

All of this charity work relies on a healthy industry and community to support those activities. I’ve been reading a lot about the industry forecasts for the next year and beyond. The analysts predict, and It feels like, the aviation industry is rebounding well, everyone is hiring, passengers are traveling and we’re busy once again. I’m also seeing construction projects everywhere. That’s a great sign of confidence in the economy and this geographic area. And the traffic is back, oh well…that was bound to come back eventually. It was nice while it lasted. 

I hope that you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, stay safe and be well!

Kathryn Bliss has a strong background in Information Technology, Data Management, and Human Resources. Ms. Bliss has more than 22 years of professional management experience with Chase Bank, where she was a officer and manager. Her expertise focused on developing and analyzing data to assess the current and historical business environment and trends, regulatory requirements, and identify risks and errors. In addition, she managed a staff of Information Analysts as well as projects internal and external to the bank. Kathryn also is the owner and manager of Cypress Kings Inc., a specialized maintenance services company. She graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Information Management.


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