First-Ever Innovative Wheelchairs Launch at JFK Airport’s Terminal 4

Jetweels’ non-metallic, stackable design provides a seamless and comfortable travel experience for passengers who need wheelchair assistance

John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4 announced it is the first airport terminal in the nation to offer Jetweels wheelchairs – non-metallic, lightweight and ergonomic seat-equipped wheelchairs – to improve the travel experience for passengers who need wheelchair assistance. Jetweels, now available to passengers, launched through a partnership between the Terminal 4 Airlines Consortium (TFAC) – a group made up of Terminal 4 airline stakeholders, government agencies and other partners – and PAX Assist – the company that provides assistance to passengers in need of wheelchair service at T4.

Jetweels has many advanced features to increase comfort and convenience for passengers, as well as an agile design for easy mobility around the terminal. The wheelchair is made of strong polycarbonate non-metallic carbon fiber material, which allows Jetweels to pass through metal detectors without triggering alarm systems. It is lightweight, which makes Jetweels easy to maneuver, store and stack. Other features include a baggage tray to store belongings, a foot rest, a seat belt for added safety and an ergonomic seat for maximum comfort and stability.

“Jetweels is the result of many days and hours of considering and analyzing what passengers really need in a wheelchair in order for them to travel through the airport and particularly security in a seamless, non-stressful and absolute safe way,” said Ms. Esma Dahbali, CEO of Pax Assist Inc. and Jetweels, Inc. “With its combination of technology and security, Jetweels is the wheelchair of the future.”   

“Jetweels is the latest innovation in technology advancement brought forward by PAX Assist, a company that continually seeks out new opportunities to provide an optimal travel experience for passengers with disabilities arriving and departing on any one of our 34 airlines operating in Terminal 4,” said Francis DiMola, Executive Director of TFAC. “PAX Assist in collaboration with its partner, Jetweels, works in close collaboration with government agency partners – the Transportation Security Administration and Customers Border Protection – to provide the most efficient passenger security processing possible.”

“At Terminal 4, we are committed to bringing new offerings to enhance the travel experience and increase accessibility for our more than 21 million annual passengers,” said Roel Huinink, President and CEO of JFKIAT, the company which operates T4. “We are thrilled to collaborate with PAX Assist and Jetweels to introduce comfortable and nimble wheelchairs so passengers can enjoy an easy and stress-free travel experience.”

T4 is the first place that Jetweels wheelchairs are available. The company plans to expand its offering to other airport terminals, hospitals, sport arenas, nursing homes and more.

As one of the world’s most modern and efficient air terminals, T4 prides itself on providing an accessible air terminal for all passengers. In addition to Jetweels wheelchairs, the terminal also offers a post-security pet relief area for guide and service dogs, accessible drinking foundations and wheelchair accessible restrooms.

About Jetweels

Jetweels, a new and innovative wheelchair manufacturer and distribution company, is a subsidiary of Pax Assist, Inc., an established wheelchair service provider. Incorporated in 2018, Jetweels is a product of 5 years of design and testing resulting in a patent for its sturdy polycarbonate, transparent, non-metallic construction. The wheelchair is ergonomically designed to replicate the shape of the human back, providing better posture and more comfort to the individual while sitting, ease of entry and exit, and increased durability. Other features include a stackable design, ergonomic handles for pushing, and baggage storage. Jetweels comes equipped with safety features including seatbelts and locking wheels. Each Jetweel can be personalized with thousands of color combinations with logo advertisement space available on the frame. The polycarbonate material is light weight, high load bearing, easy to sanitize, and non-metallic, allowing Jetweels to be used in hospital environments and pass through metal detectors without setting off alarms. Designed for you, designed for life is more than our slogan, it is our purpose.  Contact Jetweels at for more information.


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