A One Day Trip To The Old Spanish City of Cordova

Cordova, Spain was everything that was promised. The city has many open plazas and green spaces, beautiful parks and what is billed as the largest old town in Europe.

As I normally do when traveling to Spain, I flew into Madrid as a central point and then boarded a train for the one-day adventure in this European city. 

The RENFE, Spanish rail system, has excellent high-speed trains that connect the major cities. Most of these trains travel over 300KPH or 186 miles per hour. The trip from Madrid to Cordova which is approximately 250 miles, was a little under one and a half hours. 

As a note, if you are 60 years of age or older, you can purchase a senior citizen train card called a Tarjeta Dorada at a cost of 6 Euros and this train card, good for a year, will give you a 50% discount on all high-speed trains. 

The old town in Cordova is beautiful and very large. As in Madrid, the old town is centered around the Cathedral Mesquita which was once a Mosque that was converted to a Cathedral. There are many museums and a very popular Jewish quarter located in the old town. 

Another popular destination in the Old Town is the long walking street which is filled with designer shops. 

I stayed at eh AC Hotel Cordova, a 4 Star hotel with an excellent rate of 89 Euros. The hotel is near the RENFE Train station and is a 20-minute walk to the Old Town. There are many 4- and 5-star hotels in the city clustered around the Old Town. 

The fall is a great time of the year to visit Cordova, the weather was very comfortable, it is usually 76 this time of the year, versus the summer when it is a 100 plus.

Jonathan Katz has been working at Delta Airlines for the past 13-years as a Customer Service Agent, checking in passengers in the Sky Priority Division of Delta Airlines at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal Four. He provides services First Class, Business Class, Delta Medallion, and VIP Passengers. Jon and his wife Maureen (retired USAir and Jet Blue Airways) have a combined 50-years experience in the airline industry and know the industry well. Together they travel approximately 40-weeks a year, mostly one day trips both domestically and to Europe, leaving every Tuesday and returning every Thursday. They’ve written travel blogs on most of these trips, sharing them with their email list of Delta and other airline employees.


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