Little City On the Rhine Provides More Vacation Value Than Their Bigger Neighbors

Mainz, Germany

This was our fifth visit to Mainz, Germany, the best little city just 25 minutes from the Frankfurt Airport  very easy by train – and a perfect one-day trip.  

Early in my Delta Air Lines career, I asked several flight attendants why the Delta crew hotel was always in Mainz, and not in downtown Frankfurt, and they all responded, “go to Mainz and you will know why.” I did, and cannot disagree. It was a very pleasant surprise.

Mainz was founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC as a military fortress on the northernmost frontier of the empire and provincial capital of Germania Superior. Mainz became an important city in the 8th century AD as part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Mainz is the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable-type printing press, who in the early 1450s manufactured his first books in the city, including the Gutenberg Bible, and is a notable transport hub, for wine production, and for its many rebuilt historic buildings.

If you ever travel to Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Mainz, all of these cities are only a short and very inexpensive train ride from Frankfurt airport. Although Frankfurt and Wiesbaden are larger than Mainz, “the best little city” will give you plenty to do. 

Mainz is a great walking city. It is on the banks of the Rhine River with lots of fine hotels, open plazas, shopping, and great restaurants. In addition, unlike the larger, well known cities, it is much less expensive. 

We have stayed several times at the Delta crew hotel, the Mainz Novotel, which has always treated Delta crews wonderfully, but the last time we decided to stay at a Hilton Hotel on the river.

Although both the Hilton Hotel and the Novotel hotels are four stars, we discovered that the Novotel was far less expensive and had an excellent indoor pool and health club included in the rates. 

A new hotel that recently opened is the Marriot just opposite the train station, and that may be worth a visit in the future.

Just a note; we have been to a number of Christmas markets across Europe and the three in Mainz are smaller, but they have a wonderful feel to about them. We all agreed the the one in we visited in Mainz was more enjoyable than the massive, and world-famous Christmas market in Nuremburg.

Jonathan Katz has been working at Delta Airlines for the past 13-years as a Customer Service Agent, checking in passengers in the Sky Priority Division of Delta Airlines at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal Four. He provides services First Class, Business Class, Delta Medallion, and VIP Passengers. Jon and his wife Maureen (retired USAir and Jet Blue Airways) have a combined 50-years experience in the airline industry and know the industry well. Together they travel approximately 40-weeks a year, mostly one day trips both domestically and to Europe, leaving every Tuesday and returning every Thursday. They’ve written travel blogs on most of these trips, sharing them with their email list of Delta and other airline employees.


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