Something Special and Very Swiss

Zurich dwellers don’t have the Riviera or Costa del Sol, but they do have beautiful lakes for cooling off and socializing.

Something Special and Very Swiss

It has been remarkable, how many times we have traveled to both Zurich and Switzerland and it is because Zurich and Switzerland are remarkable places.

So here is  something special that the general tourist to Zurich (and some residents of Zurich) know nothing about.

Several times a year during the summer, the temperatures rise over 90 degrees and Zurich residents do something very special and flock to the Werdinsel natural river park.  This park is really an island with a divided river on both sides.  One side is really for floats and rafts only and the swimming  side is unique.

The swimming side of the park is similar to a Disney World ride in that you jump into the river, which has a pretty solid, fast moving current, and with very little swimming effort, the river moves you along about 1/8 of a mile downstream to an exit point.  It is a fantastic ride and it is very natural in that the river is extremely clean and cool, a welcome relief on a hot summer day.  The ride is so cool and effortless, that you wind up repeating this excitement 10 times, it is that good!

The river park has plenty of room for sun bathing and two outdoor, casual restaurants and indoor changing areas and showers.  The river park is very family oriented. There is no charge for this river park.

Getting to this natural river park is simple and easy. From the downtown main train station in Zurich, you need to take the #17 tram towards Werdholzli and come off at the Tuffenwies station.  This is a 15-minute trip from the main train station.  From the Tuffenwies station, it is just a 5-minute walk to the river park, just follow the people with towels, floats and sunscreen.  

We have visited this park three times now and really can’t get enough of it.  For us, it is a European happening and experience.

Jonathan Katz has been working at Delta Airlines for the past 13-years as a Customer Service Agent, checking in passengers in the Sky Priority Division of Delta Airlines at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal Four. He provides services First Class, Business Class, Delta Medallion, and VIP Passengers. Jon and his wife Maureen (retired USAir and Jet Blue Airways) have a combined 50-years experience in the airline industry and know the industry well. Together they travel approximately 40-weeks a year, mostly one day trips both domestically and to Europe, leaving every Tuesday and returning every Thursday. They’ve written travel blogs on most of these trips, sharing them with their email list of Delta and other airline employees.


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